Well protected with your credit card

Credit cards make your life easier. Especially when you buy online. But what if there is a problem? Are you getting your money back?

Buying online is simple, fast and generally hassle free. But sometimes the unexpected can ruin everything. Like: damaged, delayed or non-existent delivery, double booking, etc.


Possible problems

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These unexpected events are often due to technical incidents or stock shortages and are easy to resolve. In such cases, as a customer, it is in your interest to contact the seller. You can’t reach an agreement? Call the Best Bank Service Center or download the form ‘Request for investigation – credit card transaction’ from our website.

The amount will then be provisionally transferred to your account. And you will read the words ‘credit subject’ on your account statement, next to the amount credited. The review can take up to 165 days before a decision is made.
-The decision is positive? Your money will be returned to you without written confirmation.
-The decision is negative? The money will be withdrawn from your account and you will receive confirmation.


Deception or fraud

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It is also sometimes a question of fraud. For example, if you have responded to email phishing. The victim receives an email from a brand he knows well. He is asked to communicate his confidential data on a website which seems completely ‘normal’. This is how fraudsters receive information that allows them to misuse credit cards. You can also complete and return this document in the event of fraud. Best Bank will examine your dispute and, if justified, reimburse you.

Warning! Never follow up on emails that ask for confidential information, such as your username, password and passcode. Memorize your secret code. When your credit card is used with your secret code and it seems that you have been very negligent, the bank is not obliged to reimburse you.


Extra services

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Depending on the type of credit card, you are insured against certain risks. The Blink World MasterCard, for example, includes daily indemnity insurance in the event of hospitalization. With the Q8 World MasterCard, you are covered in the event of an assault by car and theft of vehicle keys and papers. And with the World Travel MasterCard, you are insured against travel accidents, delays and loss of luggage, international plane or train delays and missed connections and international travel assistance.

All our cards offer purchase insurance which guarantees your purchases of at least $ 50, for 200 days, in the event of a characterized theft (burglary or assault) or accidental damage. This from the date of purchase.

Best Bank has taken out these insurance policies for Best Bank credit card holders. Consult the general conditions (by type of card) for definitions, guarantees, indemnities, exclusions and claims declaration procedures.

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