Interest rate trend 2016: transfer loan and fix interest


Thanks to the current low-interest rates, borrowing money is becoming increasingly cheaper. This allows me to offer new clients a competitive loan offer.

But it also has advantages for existing, or new, customers who want to refinance their loan. Certainly in the case of a loan with a variable interest rate.

Because if you transfer it to a loan with a fixed interest rate, you will benefit from the historically low-interest rate throughout your term.

Historically low interest


In 2008 we ended up in a recession. Since then, interest rates have fallen and borrowing money is becoming cheaper. The banks do not determine this themselves, but this is largely determined by the Good Finance Bank. GFI has the task of limiting inflation. That is why they decided to lower interest rates in the recession. In the hope that cheap money will give the economy a positive boost.

Variable versus fixed

Usually, a loan with a variable interest rate (revolving credit) is cheaper than credit with a fixed interest rate (personal loan). This still applies today. But variable interest also brings uncertainty. After all, interest can arise at any time.

In order to continue to benefit from the current low-interest-rate in the future, I recommend that everyone with a flexible credit is transferred to a fixed-interest loan.

Then you know for sure that you will benefit from this low-interest rate for the entire duration of your loan. Moreover, there is a good chance that you will pay more interest to your current variable loan than for a new, fixed loan.

Benefit from better conditions


And there is more. If you choose to refinance your loan, you also benefit from better conditions. The borrowing conditions of banks are constantly changing.

New conditions also apply to new credit. They are entirely in line with your current living situation and are generally much more favorable. Nowadays you can always pay a fine and pay off later in life.

Transfer current loan


“But refinancing a loan, that costs money, right?” you may think so. In some cases that is indeed the case. You must then pay penalty interest. But with a flexible credit, this is almost never the case. You can redeem or repay the loan at any time without additional costs.

Moreover, it is very simple. Calculate your savings and request a quote from us without obligation. Even if your existing credit does not run through us.

You can immediately see how much you can save. Are you interested? Then we arrange everything for the transfer. It is almost impossible to save money more easily. So do it!

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